Does your organisation want to have a better overview of its customers? Do you want higher levels of customer service, but you lack the overview?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about attracting new customers and developing existing ones. The latter is particularly important for the organisation, as developing existing customers is far more cost effective than attracting new customers and building up new customer relationships. A CRM system built to your specifications and business processes will improve customer experiences, automate business processes and provide deeper insights into existing customer data. In the end, it will create better returns on your organisation’s marketing investments.

The knowledge about potential customers and current customers that companies gain over time is typically hidden away in Excel sheets or the memories of employees. Therefore, customer knowledge must be put into a system that allows the company to use this knowledge as an asset that allows it to provide better customer service than its competitors and to make the customer experience so smooth that customers will remain loyal.

Take advantage of strong synergies with Microsoft Dynamics 365
KPMG helps companies achieve profitable growth and become more competitive via the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We can create a frictionless dynamic between the various Microsoft programs that companies use, resulting in strong synergies. KPMG supports your business in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service

Driven by the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, KPMG ensures that there is a structured approach towards the collection and use of data so that we can provide your company with the best possible business insights.

KPMG’s NGO Solution
In collaboration with some of the largest NGOs in Denmark, KPMG has developed and implemented an NGO solution that focuses on the management of donors and members. KPMG’s NGO Solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

KPMG’s NGO Solution is based on best practice donor and member management techniques. The donors and members are front and centre in the solution, and this allows for the creation of a 360-degree view that those using the solution can use to quickly find the information they need and to use it in other contexts as well.

The NGO solution is focused on automating the most critical business areas and processes, and therefore the solution comes with several standard integrations and connectors for the most commonly used suppliers on the market and their systems. Among others, this includes:

  • Betalingsservice
  • Danske Bank (Business Online)
  • SKAT
  • Navision
  • Online Fundraising
  • Link Mobility
  • Looking up addresses (Dawa)
  • Verifying/updating addresses
  • Marketing Automation (Apsis, ClickDimensions)

Besides having experience with standard integrations, we also have experience with integrations to your websites so that data on, for example, donations, signups and product purchases are automatically transferred to the solution.

KPMG’s experience with implementation
Over the course of several successful implementations for NGOs and based on work packages and sprints, we have created a tailor-made implementation model for the NGO sector and your needs. This implementation model ensures that together we will have a successful implementation process and address all of your explicit and implicit needs. Similarly, the implementation model ensures that all of the relevant employees and stakeholders receive proper training and are ready to go live when you want them to. This also includes our recommended support package, which allows you to feel completely confident about KPMG as an invested and long-term implementation partner. KPMG will assist you with any potential operational challenges and/or future development and adaptation projects. This also means that when you partner with us, you will over time get access to our latest versions and integrations for the NGO solution - and it is constantly being adapted and worked on to meet market trends.


- Gigtforeningen
- Scleroseforeningen

If you have any questions about our NGO Solution and our approach to implementation, please feel free to contact Martin Heding or Christina Høst.

KPMG’s attorney solution
Are you working in the legal sector and interested in CRM or perhaps looking for a new CRM system or implementation partner? At KPMG, we have developed a CRM solution specifically for the legal sector based on the latest industry insights and best practices.

Business advantages:
KPMG’s CRM solution for the legal sector supports customer-oriented work processes by structuring information about relationships with customers and third-party contacts and can thus make such information accessible to the entire company. By using a structured CRM approach, you will get better and more transparent sales opportunities. This makes sales processes more profitable, and it also allows for getting advanced insights that increase competences and build experiences for future sales.

Specifically, this is achieved via:

  • A common database containing information on clients, partners and contact people.
  • A common overview of activities related to customers, partners, referrals and opportunities that are added automatically from Outlook.
  • A combined overview of relationships, both in-house and external. Who knows who? And who has last engaged with the client?
  • Overview of client referrals to and from your business partners.
  • Transparency on the areas that are worked on with clients and the legal areas where there might be potential for helping them in the future.
  • A key account management structure which helps to ensure effective follow-ups on clients during a busy workday.
  • A more structured sales process. When working with preparing major offers, CRM creates the framework for collaboration in a sales process from the opportunity stage to the sales stage.
  • Transparency in cross sales and up sales - what business areas generate tasks for other areas, and what areas generate additional sales in their own field?

The system supports an easy management of customers and relationships via a multiplatform system that can be accessed via internet browsers and smartphone apps and which also supports an easy registration of new clients and activities while on the go by using a business card scanner and an Outlook integration.

Dashboards ensure a better overview of all activities based on system data, assisted by PowerBI, which can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics straight away. PowerBI allows for additional integrations to other systems, making it possible to aggregate data from several different systems and create a single overview of, for example, sold vs. realised hours for any given client.

Our recommended delivery model for the legal sector is to use an agile approach where we, via workshops at your location, identify the most important focus areas and then start out by implementing these with a focus on adoption. From our experiences with IT implementations, we have become proficient in using many different models and approaches, and we can therefore adapt our deliveries to your organisation and needs.

For more information on the solution or if you have any questions about implementation, please contact CRM Team Lead Martin Heding.