Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics ensures that the data of the business is leveraged to establish a well-informed basis for decision-making. BI & Analytics has become an integral part of most organisations today but many experience challenges when it comes to gaining the full potential offered by data and digital transformation

Our approach
In KPMG, we have accumulated capabilities and extensive experience in assisting our customers with achieving their digital ambitions by identifying organisations' challenges and possibilities in relation to utilising their data better. Insight from data must be embedded in the systems and processes where the organisation's activities are carried out in order to generate maximum value. KPMG works with BI, Analytics and data across both functions and systems as well as technology platforms such as SAP and Microsoft.

KPMG's Business Intelligence & Analytics services include:

  • BI strategy and organisation – we support you on your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation.
  • Advanced Analytics – we embed artificial intelligence and machine learning in your business so that it can realise growth, control risk and optimise performance.
  • Reporting and visualisation solutions – based on your business, we advise on as well as design and implement BI reports, dashboards and KPIs.
  • Data quality and data management – we offer tested methods and frameworks to improve your data quality.
  • Data platform and architecture – we offer design and implementation of future-proof and scalable data platform and architecture.
  • Financial planning, forecasting and consolidation – we offer best-in-class solutions ranging from customisations or reconfiguration of existing solutions to implementation of complete IT solutions.

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