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We build the future today by delivering cutting edge advisory services founded on knowledge of market leading experience with emerging technologies.

We build the future today by delivering cutting edge advisory services.

Anticipate tomorrow. Deliver today.

By delivering cutting-edge technology and advisory services through agile methodologies, we can build the future of your organisation today.

Instead of simply talking about emerging technology, we actually create and transform services, processes and products through digital advisory and leading-edge technology implementations. We do not wait for long analysis projects to be made before any change is realised – rather, we act and analyse in parallel to ensure that ROI is attained quickly.

Our foundation is the knowledge and market-leading experience we have obtained with disruptive new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual assistants (VA), physical robots, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with our insight into new business models and next generation operating models (e.g. digital, robotics).

Furthermore, we work with digital design and experience creation. Leveraging customer journeys and rapid prototyping, we are able to move quickly from idea inception to a working product or experience.

We take pride in our relentless curiosity, passion for experimentation and scientific focus as well as our “consulting by doing” approach to impact creation.

Our services include:

  • New technology strategy and operating model design - are becoming ever more important as technology is penetrating every aspect of business. We work with our clients to create NewTech strategies that outline a path to prosperity while reducing the risk of disruption.
  • New technology opportunity assessment - is a methodology where we leverage our proven approach to identify improvement opportunities in e.g. the design of new products or identification of cost savings.
  • Business process simulation and automation - leveraging RPA, VA and AI tools to automate both existing and new processes we can take clients from initial Proof of Concepts to full-scale mobilisation and industrialisation.
  • Next gen analytics - leveraging e.g. Hadoop or TensorFlow-based machine learning to deliver unseen insights from all types of data.
  • NewTech education - that "future-proofs" board members and top management against the threat of disruption through either one-off consultations or ongoing subscription programmes.
  • Service design and customer journeys - are critical as the digital experience of any product or service is increasingly important. We deliver by mixing our knowledge of cutting-edge technology with our proven innovation and design methodologies.
  • Startup spotting and bridge building - by taking an active part in the start-up ecosystem and by mapping and analysing startups, we are able to facilitate partnerships that are beneficial for both established businesses and start-up disruptors.

We deliver our services through an actively curated network of specialised vendors, development partners, universities and thought leaders. This allows us to work across all industries effectively, and ensures that we always have the latest tools and methodologies at our disposal – ultimately enabling us to be your truly independent and solution agnostic advisor.

We implement your future today.

Should you wish to enquire about our services please do not hesitate to contact Bent Dalager or Michael B. Jensen.

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