The finance function is experiencing increasing pressure to digitize and use predictive analytics to improve planning and budgeting processes, and at the same time improve the link between financial and operational planning. Furthermore, the development in technology has provided new opportunities to improve data insight, which has become a competitive advantage.

The common challenges we see when a company is doing its planning and forecasting process are:

  • Resource intensive processes with short "shelf life"
  • Low accuracy in predictions
  • High dependency on Excel and key resources.

The consequences are often inefficient processes that take up valuable time that can be better spent elsewhere. Furthermore, existing data and technologies are not fully utilised to increase the quality in the plans used for decision support to management.

KPMG's offering:
At KPMG, we have extensive experience in creating value-adding planning and forecasting processes. We can help you with all your planning and performance management-related matters – from design to implementation and system support. 

Our key offerings are:

  • Define strategy and requirements for planning and performance management model
  • Integrate financial and operational planning
  • Create dynamic financial projections through predictive analytics
  • Design and implementation of agile IT solutions through Jedox