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The past few years KPMG have seen most companies adjust their business to react to difficult economic conditions, most recently highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis. Capacity, cost reduction, and product rationalisation decisions have been central in weathering the storm.
KPMG has also witnessed a shift in the mind-set of organisations looking to increase their top line. Focus is no longer on simple growth, but rather on profitable growth.

The main challenge we see at our clients is translating data from standard costing to actionable metrics. The common challenge is the segmented ownership and varying approaches found across the organisation (marketing, production, finance, and supply chain).

At KPMG, we believe that having the ability to analyse and break down drivers of cost and revenue on products, services and activities, is crucial for management to make informed decisions to steer towards profitable growth.

Our CFO Advisory team has supported multiple clients in optimising their cost base, while helping organisations understand the importance of profitable growth. We have advised clients on a range of strategic cost and profitability initiatives, helped them understand their profitability by aligning their cost and revenue data across multiple dimensions (products, customers, segments, geographical areas, channels etc.) in a consistent and transparent structure.

Moreover, to address the increased complexity of organisations and the business environments they operate in, we support clients in modelling complex scenarios and business cases to support investment decisions. Our team serves as a trusted advisor within sectors with large capex investments like Energy and Public sectors, where we have supported investment decisions on multiple large capex projects.

Our services include:

  • Design and implementation of costing models
  • Activity-based cost modelling
  • Cost and profitability analysis
  • Business case and scenario modelling