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The rapid outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) presents an alarming health crisis that the world is grappling with. In addition to the human impact, there is also a significant commercial impact being felt globally. As viruses know no borders, the impact will continue to spread. Companies across the world, including Denmark, are already facing significant challenges and threats to their businesses as a whole.

KPMG offers experienced resources to support and advise our clients in launching immediate crisis management responses to COVID-19. We establish "survival strategies" in both the short and medium term, to avoid chaotic and business-threatening situations.

Beyond immediate actions, we believe organisations should use this as an opportunity to reflect on the ability to navigate a crisis and, going forward, consider actions to increase agility and become more resilient in the future.

Our immediate COVID-19 crisis management services entail cash management, urgent cost reduction, application of governmental relief packages, and crisis scenario simulation.

Cash management

  • Day-to-day cash management to ensure liquidity
  • Dynamic – and scenario-based cash management on weekly basis
  • CAPEX prioritisation
  • Creditor payment prioritisation and debtor management

Urgent cost reduction

  • Identification of urgent cost reduction initiatives based on available data and raw balances
  • Analysis of current projects and pipeline to decide on pausing, postponing or cancelling
  • Sparring with management on payment postponements
    Application of relief packages
  • Walkthrough and analyses on how government relief packages can help our clients situation and their impact on the business in the short and long term
  • Impact on taxes, VAT, cost coverage, loss of revenue and credit facilities

Crisis scenario simulation

  • Modelling and simulation of multiple crisis and crisis management scenarios
  • Simulation of impact on multiple scenarios for cash management, top line and bottom line