We experience a growing need from our clients to strengthen their finance function at a short notice as an interim measure. In order to meet these needs, we offer interim resources within finance and accounting. This could e.g. be as an interim CFO, Senior Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Controller, etc.

KPMG offers an experienced consultant who can help with the day-to-day tasks, but who also takes on the role as a valuable employee who based on a substantial accounting experience can help with creating the financial basis for decisions – from analysis of complex data to clear and more sharp presentations and decision-making processes.

An Interim Manager from KPMG will be part of the business on an equal footing with the permanent employees and can work determinedly with one specific task or with several in cooperation with the existing organisation. An Interim Manager enables you to bring in a leader and specialist with the required capabilities and with considerable experience from similar tasks for exactly the period where the need is there – and not any longer.

An Interim Manager from KPMG is characterised by

  • asking questions, finding answers and using forward-looking data

  • being a steady hand in the day-to-day work

  • offering support and acting as a sounding-board to management and employees

  • acting upon facts and following up (more than merely a report)

  • always trying to optimise the work processes

  • being part of the business on an equal footing with the permanent employees

  • being there to solve a specific task and not using time on internal political bickering and speculations about career and office politics

  • thriving on acting as a sounding-board and always seeking it out as well.

Generally, an Interim Manager is a help. A help in the day-to-day operation and a help to make the business better.

All our profiles have considerable operational experience combined with high professional standards, and they cover a wide range of capabilities meeting the needs of a finance function. And if there are issues which the consultant cannot solve straight away, he/she has the support of +220,000 colleagues both locally and internationally. 

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