If you consider buying a business, our integrated team of specialists helps you ask and answer the right questions throughout the acquisition life cycle – from developing the optimal acquisition strategy right through to delivering the expected value.

As you execute your company’s growth strategy through acquisitions, you will reach a number of decision points. At KPMG’s Deal Advisory, we help you as a buyer confidently navigate the complexities of buying a business, unlocking value at every stage. For instance, we help you: 

  • Develop an effective acquisition strategy
  • Identify and prioritise potential acquisitions
  • Conduct accurate business valuations
  • Develop and execute implementable solutions
  • Deliver real results when you buy a business
Our integrated team of Deal Advisory specialists combines knowledge, analytical tools and proprietary data to fuel smarter, faster decisions earlier in the buy side process. We can help you identify key risks and rewards throughout the acquisition life cycle – even for the most complex deals. We help you align deals with strategic business objectives, maintain compliance and realise value from integration.