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Companies are under increasing pressure to show they make a positive contribution to society as well as generating profits for shareholders. Focusing on the financials alone is no longer enough.

Across a myriad of sectors and markets today, an organisation’s positive impact on society can make a significant difference on the bottom line. Measuring and managing impacts is simply good business. We help organisations to develop response strategies that protect and create value both for your shareholders and for society. We do this by assisting in the development of performance monitoring and impact evaluation frameworks.

Our proprietary True Value tool can measure the financial value that a business creates and reduces for society. The methodology is applicable to a whole company, a division or a specific project. The results provide a holistic lens to improve performance, inform strategy and increase influence.

KPMG can assist you with impact measurement and quantification.

With our True Value methodology, we can

  • identify and express in financial terms the value a company or organisation creates and/or reduces for society through its environmental, social and economic externalities
  • assess how a company's societal impact is likely to affect future generations
  • develop business cases that create value for shareholders by increasing the value created for society.

Read more about Impact Assessment Evaluation and True Value below: