Green bonds are taking off as the investment vehicle of choice for the private and public sectors to finance projects with environmental benefits, such as clean power, low-carbon transport and energy efficient buildings. While most green bonds are issued by banks, there is a growing trend for corporations to issue their own bonds.

Big brands in the technology, automotive and consumer products sectors are among those that have already done so. As the market for green bond issuers is still new, many organizations can benefit from expert advice to navigate pitfalls and maximize the credibility and appeal of their bonds.

At KPMG, we have worked on some of the leading green bond issuances to date. KPMG member firms have a global network of advisory and assurance professionals with solid experience in supporting clients on green bond assurance across the globe.

KPMG can assist you with:

  • Advise on green bond frameworks
  • Assurance on green, SDG and sustainability bonds