In our rapidly changing world, topics such as climate change and sustainable finance, articulated by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, are sparking calls for action from civil society, political leaders, regulators, business leaders and investors.

Companies and business leaders are increasingly held accountable for their social and environmental impacts, both positive and negative. The modern stakeholder, from investor to customer to employee, considers sustainability when evaluating companies, which ultimately affects the bottom line. At the same time, opportunities arise as the private sector is viewed as a lever of positive change.

At KPMG in Denmark, we work closely with our clients to address sustainability challenges and opportunities. Our team of sustainability advisers guide organisations in analysing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, developing and executing strategies, and reporting on sustainability impact.

We support you in building long-term business value in a rapidly changing world, where the disconnect between corporate and societal value creation is vanishing.

We offer a portfolio of sustainability services focused on: