Travel patterns in the Capital Region of Denmark are going through some changes. More and more people are living in the region, the economy is growing and the number of travellers is growing as well. The general impression is that the public transport and mobility options in general are relatively well-developed - particularly in Copenhagen itself.

In the long run, however, there are some challenges on the horizon for mobility, such as heavier traffic and more congestion, and the whole traffic system will have to accommodate 20% more commuter trips by 2035.

As part of the Capital Region of Denmark’s work in preparing a joint traffic and mobility plan, KPMG has completed an analysis of how the actors can work together to find solutions to improve public transport across all of the traffic companies and the other public and private actors in the transport sector.

The analysis has also been focused on identifying and examining the actors in the transport sector’s common interests which may be translated into common actions when it comes to:

  • Optimising the total capacity on their road and rail networks
  • Promoting growth for our companies
  • Contributing to the green transition by getting more people to use public transport
  • Developing new digital solutions and smart traffic systems
  • Identifying possible ways of improving public transport and mobility

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