The year of data-driven enlightenment

The year of data-driven enlightenment

Tides and trends driving the world’s infrastructure markets.

Jakob Blicher-Hansen

Partner - Infrastructure, Government & Energy

KPMG in Denmark


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In this year’s Emerging Trends report we anticipate that data and analytics will start to revolutionize the infrastructure sector. Data-driven planning and project development will start to become the norm, and organizations will use data more effectively to drive greater efficiency.

We expect government and infrastructure authorities to become more aware of the value of their data. They will begin to use analytics to direct operational performance and make data available to help encourage innovation by private organizations. With this technology offering, perhaps radically different solutions to infrastructure needs, there may be scope to deliver better outcomes for communities.

While innovation flows through every aspect of the 2019 trends, we also predict a growing interest in emerging market opportunities, and, in an equally positive direction, sustainability goes mainstream as societal pressure leads more companies to embrace it as a boardroom priority.

Those organizations that are able to stay abreast of these emerging trends and understand their broader implications will be well placed to make the choices necessary for future successes.

This year’s top 10 trends are:
1. The public sector begins to reassert its role
2. Data drives operational efficiency
3. The challenges of megaprojects are magnified
4. Eyes shift to emerging market opportunities
5. Embracing the evidence
6. Sustainability goes mainstream
7. Progress trumps divisiveness
8. Competition for new technology heats up
9. The customer becomes king
10. Interdependence creates opportunities

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