Promotions 2018

Promotions 2018

We are proud to announce promotions of a new Partner, Anne-Mette Drucker and Directors Mads Nørgaard Sørensen, Mikkel Trabjerg Knudsen, Morten Bang Mikkelsen, Bettina Mikkelsen and Roberto Zanaldi.


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Partner, Corporate Tax



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Promotions 2018

Anne-Mette Drucker


Anne-Mette has more than 18 years of experience working with relocation of employees, including employee and employer obligations, non-salary benefits and qualification of international investments, pensions, etc. Anne-Mette has developed and led mobility programmes for large international clients. Further, she has strong experience in providing advice to principal shareholders, specifically in connection with relocating in and out of Denmark.

Since 2004, Anne-Mette has worked with US and Danish tax matters and is responsible for KPMG Acor Tax' US desk. Anne-Mette has been on assignment in both Germany and USA on several occasions and has thus gained personal experience of such matters. Anne-Mette regularly upgrades her tax knowledge with courses in USA with our US colleagues, and she is widely regarded as an expert in tax matters concerning Denmark and the USA.

Bettina Mikkelsen


Bettina has 10 years of consultant experience in energy taxes, environmental taxes and excise duties from different Big Four companies in Denmark. Recently, Bettina worked 1.5 years at Arla Foods as responsible for the group's handling of energy taxes in core countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany and UK, where she focused on building and strengthening the processes, internal controls and the "energy tax control framework ". Among other things, Bettina was project leader on the Tax Governance cooperation with the Danish tax authorities, and she has been posted for 3 months in Sweden to implement the "energy tax control framework".

Mads Nørgaard Sørensen


Mads has 10 years of experience working with various Corporate and Business Finance tasks. Mads started his career in another Big Four company working as an external auditor and consultant. In 2013, Mads moved to Arla Foods where he took up a senior position in Global Risk and Compliance leading the development of financial governance, risk management and process optimisation. His last position in Arla Foods was as Head of Accounting in Arla Foods International – covering International Accounting and Compliance tasks in China/South East Asia, Middle East & Africa and America.

In December 2016, Mads joined KPMG Acor Tax in Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS), where Mads helps our multi-national clients in navigating the ever changing and challenging finance and tax regulatory environment and provides our clients with centrally coordinated tax and accounting compliance services.

Mikkel Trabjerg Knudsen


Mikkel joined KPMG Denmark in 2007 and then became a State Authorised Public Accountant in 2012. Throughout these years, Mikkel has rendered audit and advisory services to a number of medium-sized and large international groups. Further, Mikkel has been part of larger outbound Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS) project the last 2 years. In December 2017, Mikkel moved internally in KPMG and is now a part of the tax transformation and tax compliance team at KPMG Acor Tax.

Morten Bang Mikkelsen


Morten joined KPMG Acor Tax in January 2018. Before that, he was a Financial Services senior manager in another Big four. Over the past 10 years, Morten has worked with international tax, corporate tax and pension yield taxation and acquired thorough knowledge of taxation of financial institutions and international corporate institutions.

Morten’s skills and focus area are within the financial services sector and he advices life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, pension funds and multinational clients on due diligence, investment structuring, ongoing tax compliance and negotiations with tax authorities.

Roberto Zanaldi


Roberto has a broad experience from various transfer pricing projects, including managing large transfer pricing documentation projects, assistance during transfer pricing audits, design of transfer pricing policies, business restructurings, tax strategy and tax optimizations, as well as designing of tax governance structures.

Furthermore, Roberto also specializes in the area of tax valuation and tax financial modelling. Roberto has previous experience from working in the tax valuation team in the KPMG London office.
Additionally, Roberto has advised several Danish and foreign multinationals across Technology, Chemicals, Energy and Natural Resources, Industrial Manufacturing and Consumable goods.

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