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Exploring voicebots in the City of Copenhagen

Exploring voicebots in City of Copenhagen

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Søren Ahrensberg, Head of Center, City of Copenhagen

In this context, we are working with KPMG on developing a voicebot in our call centre for internal support and administration. KPMG is a knowledgeable partner, and the KPMG resources work with a high level of technology insight. KPMG's work is competent, and the project so far has introduced us to a new and innovative technology.

Exploring voicebots in the City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune) explores new technologies to boost their employees, relieve them of routine tasks and enable them to focus on their core competences and what brings value to their colleagues and ultimately the citizens of Copenhagen.

As a public administration, the City of Copenhagen is continuously focused on saving time and money and using their resources efficiently. Exploring the use of voicebots supports this ambition.

A voicebot is a voice-controlled computer, which can handle several requests at the same time at all hours of the day. The City of Copenhagen is starting with a fairly simple but tedious task:

Employees of the City of Copenhagen need a new password roughly 35,000 times a year. The process of resetting passwords is manual and quite extensive for the IT supporters and the colleague who is waiting for the password reset. By developing a voicebot, employees will get the same service, but much quicker.

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