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Exploring voicebots in the City of Copenhagen Exploring voicebots in City of Copenhagen

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Søren Ahrensberg, Head of Center, City of Copenhagen

In this context, we are working with KPMG on developing a voicebot in our call centre for internal support and administration. KPMG is a knowledgeable partner, and the KPMG resources work with a high level of technology insight. KPMG's work is competent, and the project so far has introduced us to a new and innovative technology.

Exploring voicebots in the City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune) explores new technologies to boost their employees, relieve them of routine tasks and enable them to focus on their core competences and what brings value to their colleagues and ultimately the citizens of Copenhagen.

As a public administration, the City of Copenhagen is continuously focused on saving time and money and using their resources efficiently. Exploring the use of voicebots supports this ambition.

The municipality spends a substantial amount of time answering calls to reset internal passwords. The process of resetting passwords is conducted manually by an IT employee, and is simple, repetitive and rule-based with very few exceptions.

The KPMG NewTech team has assisted with developing a voicebot that guides the caller through the process of resetting their password by applying text-to-speech analysis. The development includes designing the persona of the bot and the dialogue flow needed to have the proper communication.

The result will be a solution that frees up several FTEs without compromising the callers' user experience. By using the bot, callers are able to skip the phone queue, thereby enhancing productivity.

The solution can easily be expanded to other routine-based processes in the municipality.

We expect to expand the solution to include the use of sentiment analysis to forward the call to the most appropriate employee and even detect the callers’ mood.

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