Tax Data and Analytics

Tax Data and Analytics

One of the major defining factors of our time is the ever-growing data volumes. Ever-growing data volumes not only affect governments and individuals, but also businesses of all sizes and forms on a global basis. As such, the need for reliable and easy-to-apply tax data analytics is similarly increasing since they are the key to drive out significant hidden value or prevent future losses for the business; including yours.


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Tax Data and Analytics

Today's challenges

As new technology develops and evolves, businesses heavily rely on support from their ERP systems. And today's main challenge is shifting towards the efficient use of data. Although stored in the ERP systems, the majority of data is often not available to tax specialists, making it difficult to identify any inaccuracies, risks or opportunities.  

How can our Tax D&A team assist you?

By experience, e.g. transfer pricing and VAT processes are generally quite complex due to the various compliance and reporting requirements, which is further complicated by the involvement of many employees from various HQ departments and the business organisation – often located in more than one country.

Based on a broad range of data analysis tools, we can perform efficient data analyses tailored to your business and specific needs. Even financially, our Tax Data and Analytics help provide immediate insight into your business' AR and/or AP processes, creating transparency in tax and VAT processes. 

To do so, we combine our knowledge and solid experience of ERP systems, tax/VAT and last but not least IT and analytics skills.

Turning your data into intelligence and value

With our tool, Tax Data and Analytics overcomes your challenges from start to finish. It provides:

  • Data extraction tool for major ERP systems;
  • Data processing where your data from ERP systems is combined with the external sources of data and intelligence from our tax experts;
  • Visualisation allows you to access the analyses and to have insight into your data.



  • Gain valuable insight into the extent of your business' compliance;
  • Obtain insight into the core of the issue and see the real picture through fact-based analysis;
  • Discover potential earnings and savings;
  • Reveal and prevent potential risks and losses;
  • Get a unique opportunity to improve business processes, both manual and automated controls; 
  • Get option for periodic monitoring.

Why us?

Our Tax Data and Analytics Team is shaped by some of Denmark's most well-reputed, experienced and highly educated specialists within our field. By being part of the Global KPMG data & analytics team, we are dedicated to developing and applying top-of-class technical analysis tools for all companies looking for solutions to provide transparency and comfort in a tax and VAT context. In conclusion, we are proud to say that we offer analysis tools and methods with maximum capabilities and ease of use that are truly next to none. We are recognised in the market for being the leading tax technology firm with most experience, servicing large Danish multinationals in this area for several years.

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