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KPMG Acor Tax stands out as leading Tax Controversy Firm in Denmark again this year

Leading Tax Controversy Firm in Denmark

The seventh edition of Tax Controversy Leaders (a publication published by International Tax Review) has just been issued. Also this year we are proud to announce that the list of the best controversy leaders includes four litigation experts from KPMG Acor Tax.


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Tax Controversy Leaders in Denmark

International Tax Review has released its 2017 edition of Tax Controversy Leaders guide to the leading tax dispute resolution advisers and lawyers in the world. KPMG Acor Tax proves again the quality and caliber of its people by contributing to the list of leading tax advisers in Denmark with four individuals:


  • Henrik Lund 
  • Johnny Bøgebjerg 
  • Martin Nielsen  
  • Peter Rose Bjare


KPMG Acor Tax is a trusted adviser in many tax audits and litigation cases, and this recognition clearly demonstrates that KPMG Acor Tax is a clear choice for international tax services to multinational corporations. KPMG Acor Tax Controversy team will continue to work as closely as possible together with the Danish tax authorities during tax audits with the objective of finding technical and reasonable solutions. While litigation used to be something companies made efforts to avoid due to tax authorities' more aggressive approach and little inclination to settle, litigation has now come to be a viable component of many companies' strategies for dispute resolution. Consequently, it has become more important than ever before to manage tax audits, ideally from the beginning of the process, in a strategical way, taking into consideration that the case might result in litigation.

Inclusion in the guide is based on a minimum number of nominations received. In addition to having the required number of nominations, entrants must also possess evidence of outstanding work in the last year and consistently receive positive feedback from peers and clients. Tax Controversy Leadership is promoted to all ITR subscribers, i.e. both online subscribers (where they receive an average of 10,000 unique visitors per month) and print subscribers (over 7,000).

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