Frontiers in Finance – June 2017

Frontiers in Finance – June 2017

Frontiers looks at the key challenges and opprtunities facing financial services management.


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Digital transformation in financial services

In this edition of Frontiers in Finance we look closely at the digital enterprise – how new technology and digital labour can help financial institutions cope with regulations, financial inclusion and delivering cost efficient products and services.

Executives today are looking at how to bring innovation alive in financial services, and create organizations that balance today’s customer needs with preparation for a future that could look very different. The adoption rate of technological innovations increases as they are proven successful, and the difficulty for management is to assess when, and how boldly, to place their bets. Leaders in financial services have to determine the fundamental business cases for these new enabling technologies; as well as when and how to adopt them. Should they be pioneers, fast followers or skeptical observers, allowing others to take the lead in the first wave of introduction? The articles in this edition will focus more closely on some of these opportunities.

Featured articles

  • The rise of the humans and the future of digital labor in banking
    Should decision-makers thinking about the future be pessimistic or optimistic about the impact new technology may have?
    Author: Robert Bolton, KPMG in the UK
  • Governments' role in the evolution of fintech
    As fintech startups scale to prominence, the question is: what role should governments play in supporting and promoting the fintech sector?
    Author: Ian Pollari, KPMG in Australia
  • The innovation imperative continues
    Investor interest in insurtech, the cutting-edge technologies helping to change the face of insurance, is exploding, and is poised for more growth in the year ahead.
    Authors: Martin Blake, KPMG in Australia; Tek Yew Chia, KPMG in Singapore; and Murray Raisbeck, KPMG in the UK

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