Need for better patient involvement and communication of data

Involvement of patients and communication of data

The Danish healthcare system is best in class to handle health information, a new global KPMG report states. However, the health care system can improve in the way they involve patients and communicate data.


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The Danish health care system can improve in the way they involve patients and communicate data

Danish people have easy access to their own health data via portals like and The Danish health care system is currently trying to involve patients even more in their own treatment plan to ensure their involvement and give them more control over their health care as well as the opportunity to adjust the treatment as best as possible to their own life situation.

Patients can be responsible for different self-measurements, such as daily pulse measurement, which can be used as part of checking ongoing treatments or it can be used for preventive treatments. This type of initiative should be further extended, and there is a great potential in wearables / apps that can continuously collect health data.

Citizens' easy access to public health data through the Internet, as well as their own data collected through various apps, means that large amounts of data is available on the health of each individual. However, there is no general guidance for reading this data.

It can cause unnecessary concern or confusion if patients are not guided in how to interpret these data. Patients risk drawing incorrect conclusions or become uncertain of their ongoing treatments, and unfortunately, there is not much help offered to help you understand your medical record. The access to own health data is therefore a step in the right direction, but if data is not distributed correctly, it may have a negative effect in the way patients experience quality.

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