B2B Customer Experience – Winning in the Moments that Matter

B2B Customer Experience


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B2B Customer experience

Is Customer Experience relevant in a B2B context?

The answer is: YES! Instead of just talking about B2B versus B2C, we should focus on what it really is all about: B2P - Business to People. You don't do business with an entity or an organisation - you do business with people working for an organisation. And those people have emotions, opinions and requirements. In order to be successful in B2B, you need to understand the individuals with whom you interact. This is often more complex than in a pure B2C context, as you interact with multiple stakeholders within the same organisation, and they very seldom have identical views and needs. But by applying the Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence, by understanding the key moments along the customer journey, and by adopting the most suitable relationship model, you can put yourself in control of your B2B customer experience.

Read the report to learn more about:


  • The moments that matter
    Understanding where along the journey - from pre-purchase to renewal/dissolution - the highest impact on experience occurs, and how this can be controlled.

  • Sector specific trends
    B2B customer experience in Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Legal, Business goods and Business technology.

  • The way forward
    Which concrete actions to be taken in order to control and transform your B2B customer experience.

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