KPMG Insight - Global Infrastructure Challenges and Perspectives

Global Infrastructure Challenges and Perspectives

The magazine KPMG Insight is published every six months, highlighting local, regional, and global perspectives on key issues and challenges in the global infrastructure sector. The latest issue discusses solar energy, qualitative data, the globalization debate, and leadership in a changeable world.



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KPMG Insight: globalt magasin inom infrastruktur

Insights in infrastructure: for or against globalization?

The theme of the latest KPMG Insight is globalization. In the West, most believe that globalization is positive, but we are now witnessing examples of increasing distrust of globalization in combination with growing protectionism. This threatens the value of open markets and trade.

KPMG Insight looks at the impact of globalization in the infrastructure sector. Below you will find a selection of topics in the latest issue.

Examples of articles in the latest KPMG Insight on infrastructure:

The yin and yang of globalization 

Leading in a disrupted world 

Going global: Lessons from solar 

Data, sustainable development and decision making 

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