Introducing KPMG NewTech: Delivering the future of your organisation – today

Introducing KPMG NewTech

KPMG in Denmark is pleased to announce that it has recently launched KPMG NewTech – a new cross-industry unit that brings the most cutting-edge tech knowledge and solutions to clients across the Nordics. The mantra of the new team is "consulting by doing", which means combining leading advisory services with actual implementation sprints of the newest technologies so clients can actually "see" what potential lies ahead and begin harvesting ROI right of the bat.


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By Simren S. Dhaliwal, Senior Consultant, NewTech

Over the past two years, the team has been the forerunner in bringing robotic process automation (RPA) and the cognitive automation agenda to the Danish market and has now joined forces with the deep industry-specific expertise at KPMG to create client- and industry-tailored solutions that recent technology advances have enabled. The team helps you deliver on artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), digital strategy, process automation, virtual/augmented reality and executive education initiatives. Some highlights of the solutions the new team has provided include:

  • Next Generation Analytics: Leveraging a team of data scientists, advanced analytics solutions are created to automate or improve processes across all industries and business functions. For instance, the fraud detection process of a large bank has been enhanced with machine learning algorithms, allowing 50,000 emails to be analysed for fraudulent activity in just two hours. This allowed the FTE allocation to the process to drop from 50 to 10 resources.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The team has helped introduce and scale RPA at over 20 clients in Scandinavia, including establishing Centres of Excellence (CoEs), defining RPA operating models and setting up scalable infrastructures.
  • Exponential Executive Education: In partnership with Wired Consulting, NewTech has created a unique Executive Education programme for Board members and Executives that provides the deepest perspectives into the technology trends that will shape one's industry. World-class knowledge from Wired is combined with the practical knowledge and implementation experience of KPMG NewTech to deliver an inspiring, hands-on experience.
    To sum up, we are your go-to hub for building foundational knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of your industry as well as a trusted partner in implementing and scaling the newest and most advanced solutions into your business.

We look forward to building your future – today!


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