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Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping


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Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

Identifying critical interactions with customers

By Mette Hjortsø, Senior Consultant, KPMG in Denmark

Your brand is the total sum of all experiences that each customer has with your organisation. This means that each interaction, be it online or offline, has the potential to make or break their perception and willingness to purchase. It is significantly more cost efficient to sell to an existing customer that to acquire a new customer. Loyal customers are also more likely to repurchase and to recommend a brand to others. On the other hand, bad customer service experiences reaches more than twice as many people as good experiences, further stressing the importance of delivering outstanding experiences for customers.

So how do you figure out who your customers are, where they are and what they want and expect? And how do you ensure that everybody in your organisation are aligned and working towards achieving the same goal? An effective way of defining and thus opening up for managing customer interactions is to create customer journey maps. Customer journey mapping is an intuitive approach that maps the most crucial factors influencing the customer in given situations such as an online purchase or a service request.
Customer journeys are divided into individual phases and touchpoint to visualise the change in channel preference, emotions and the like for each interaction. Splitting down the customer journey allows you to walk in your customers' shoes and understand what they experience in every step of their interaction with you as a brand. Doing so allows your employees to understand what the customer is looking for and how your brand is perceived and it allows you to identify critical interactions and actively work with these. These are often referred to as moments of truth and pain points and they provide an understanding of specific elements that perform well and which need to be adjusted - from the point of the customer - to achieve a seamless experience.


With today's competitive market on prices, products and services, the most efficient way to stand out from competition is to make it easy for the customers to do business with you. Customer journey mapping is a great tool to actively manage the interactions and thus continuously ensure that your organisation is easily accessible and provides quick and accurate resolution to your customers' queries.


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