MiFID II compliance solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

MiFID II compliance solution

Lau Bent Banu

Operations Leader and Partner

KPMG in Denmark


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 MiFID II Investor Protection compliance solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

KPMG has developed a unique MiFID II Investor Protection compliance solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM in collaboration with our MiFID II experts.


Why did we do it? Because the inclusion of more financial products in the new regulation means more companies will be regulated as of January 2018. We saw an opportunity to combine our technical and compliance capabilities to help our clients get hold of the new regulation in a simple, contemporary and value-creating way.


How did we do it? We built the regulatory processes and logics into one of the world's leading and most flexible CRM platforms and combined it with our MiFID II advisory services. The result: a unique offering not found elsewhere in the market.


What is your benefit? We assume advisor responsibility on our services while also delivering a technically grounded solution that reduces the new costs associated with the regulation – all in one simple package.


Our base solution covers:

  • Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering processes 
  • Automatic client categorisation
  • Appropriateness and suitability testing
  • Product eligibility management based on client profile
  • Communication management and documentation
  • Document management
  • Reporting 
  • Audit logging


One size does not fit all, and therefore we tailor the solution to meet your organisation's specific requirements and processes.


KPMG as implementation partner
Do not worry if your organisation does not have Microsoft Dynamics CRM. KPMG implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our solutions help your organisation optimise its sales and marketing processes.


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