Event: The future of the digital assets’ economy in the Nordics

Network with some of the key blockchain profiles in the Nordics and get updated on recent developments in the region.

Update on the recent developments in the blockchain technology in Denmark and the Nordics.

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Blockchain technologies are starting to gain momentum around the globe. While we are in many ways a frontrunning region of the world, the Nordics are lacking behind when it comes to blockchain and investment in emerging technologies. For this reason, we need to push the agenda in the public sector not to miss out of involvement in the co-creation of blockchain solutions around the globe.

In cooperation with Nordic Blockchain Association we invite you to a full day seminar in Copenhagen, to shed light on and discuss the development of blockchain adoption on a global scale. We will share insights into how governments, the UN and the EU, companies and organisations worldwide are investing into this technology and some of the many use cases like various new digital assets. During the conference we will explore the ever growing blockchain technology and its impact on the global financial systems.

The day will be full of interesting keynotes, followed by discussions in diverse panels, taking a broad spectrum of perspectives into account. From investments by individuals and institutions into the digital asset space, to central banks and regular banking, legislation, barriers and opportunities. 

Main topics to be discussed

  • What is the current status of the blockhain scene in the Nordic region?
  • Are we seeing any promising use-cases here?
  • How should decisionmakers engage in the co-creation of future technologies that will impact society?
  • How do Blockchain companies see a growing interest from consumers, investors and public institutions?

Confirmed speakers

  • Bo Hembæk Svensson - Business Development at Predica Nordic, TEDx speaker, member of EU Blockchain Expert group
  • Bent Dalager – Nordic Head of NewTech, Partner at KPMG Denmark
  • Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen – Managing Partner at Blockchain Center Fasttrack
  • Mads Stolberg-Larsen – Co-Founder at ZTLment
  • Francois Botha – Founder & CEO at Simple, Forbes contributor
  • Omri Ross - Chief Blockchain Scientist, eToro
  • Simon Ousager - CEO & Founder, Januar

More speakers and the final agenda will be announced in due course. 

Practical information and registration

Date and time: Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 10:00 – 16:00

Place: KPMG, Dampfærgevej 28, 2100 København

Target group: Decision makers in the public and finance sectors with a focus on tech, economy blockchain, digital assets and sustainability.

Registration: Participation at the event costs 2450 DKK. Registration will be handled by NBA. By participating at the event you also give an active consent to KPMG Denmark to contact you after the event for marketing purposes. All rights to make changes are reserved. The organizers also reserve the right to accept the participants of the event. Please use this link to register for the event. 

Are you interested to attend?

Price: 2450 DKK ex. VAT


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