eSports – What’s the hype?

KPMG Denmark is the proud sponsor of BLAST Premier Final Fall 2021.

KPMG Denmark is the proud sponsor of BLAST Premier Final Fall 2021.

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At KPMG, we value diversity and draw strengths from our differences. For the third year in a row, KPMG Denmark is thrilled to be one of the global sponsors of the BLAST Premier Final Fall, which will take place from 24-28 November 2021 in Copenhagen. BLAST Premier is a worldwide Counter-Strike professional esports league that unites all major events, across the globe and crowns the world champions of CS:GO.

Why invest in eSports?

With our partnership with Blast Premier, we aim to bring the consulting and corporate world closer to the gaming industry and want to encourage talents with different backgrounds to pursue a career in Tech.

The eSports arena has seen rapid growth over the past few years, as it has quietly become one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  eSports is now an industry in its own right, experiencing mainstream growth and a multinational, multi-generational audience of tens of millions.

With the attention of millions, there is a significant opportunity for media companies, traditional sports-focused consumer brands and telecom operators to strengthen existing revenues, while exploring the potential for new income streams.

Interacting together in a fun way

We also have our own KPMG CS:GO Team, which consists of diverse players, who play together and with clients.

“Everyone can play and join in, and there is always a level that fits yours. In gaming we are all equal, it is inclusive, and no one judges you. Nowadays, organizations such as Astralis and North are inspiring kids just like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid did back in the days. Pro gamers are not just nerds sitting in a basement, but actual role models for kids and therefore have to behave that way. Gaming inherently sparks some nerdiness in the gamers, which, I hypothesize, leads to more STEM-educations”, says Mogens Nguyen, one of KPMG CS:GO Team players. 

During our gaming weeks at KPMG Denmark, employees will engage in a range of activities. Among others, we will host a seminar with focus on business opportunities in the industry, have a sneak peek at the Blast production studio, arrange an international KPMG CS:GO Tournament, and of course feel the heat at the Royal Arena Final Fall tournament.

Together, for better. Join us! 

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