Event: The fight back against bad chatbots!

How do you achieve strategic success with chatbots? Welcome to our event to learn about Alm. Brand´s journey to the Conversational AI.

How do you achieve strategic success with chatbots?

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Chatbots currently have a bad reputation, something we don’t think they deserve. We recognise that there is great potential in the automation of customer dialogue in order to build towards achieving better and more effective customer service that can keep up with demand - no matter how many customers and enquiries you have.

The challenge is that the majority of companies are not thinking strategically - using chatbots as a quick fix solution that sits in the bottom right hand corner of their website.

Automated dialogue and the ability to understand and interpret everyday language will be the crucial elements to get right. Following on from text chat will be talk based bots – the fastest growing channel among the younger target segment. This is what we call "Conversational AI". 

Conversational AI is also a source of essential knowledge and information about customers and the interactions we have with them across all channels and platforms, but how do you generate data and make sense of it?

Practical information

Date and time: Wednesday, 22 September 2021 at 14.30 – 16.00

Location: KPMG , Dampfærgevej 28, Copenhagen 


The exciting agenda of the day

14:30    Opening words - Mads Kaysen, Head of Intelligent Automation, KPMG Denmark

14:40    The fight back against bad chatbots! - Linea Svendsen, Conversational Designer, KPMG Denmark

Conversations with chatbots often turn out awkward and unnatural. They do that because their dialogue design is not good enough. So how do you design a conversation that feels natural for the user and at the same time avoid the users thinking that they are talking to a human? That is what Linea is going to talk about and she is also going to share some tips about dialogue design.

15:10    Conversational AI in the Customer Service Center at Alm. Brand - Jakob Dreyer-Stapput, Head of Customer Service Center, Alm. Brand and Mads Kaysen, Head of Intelligent Automation, KPMG Denmark

Alm. Brand has built a solid foundation for strategic application of Conversational AI – both for employees and clients. In record time, Alm. Brand has created a solution with new digital channels which has led to higher effectiveness and quality of their customer service. We will hear about the journey, the results, and the clients’ future expectations for customer service.

15:35    Conversational AI  as a platform for the future interactions with clients – voice bots, avatars and much more - Kevin Lopes, Conversational AI expert, KPMG Denmark

Once you have established your Conversational AI platform, the opportunities to give your clients unique and personal experiences are almost endless. The technologies are integrated in new ways, the real and virtual world melts together and the foundation for future client interactions is established. Kevin will take us on a tour-de-force through some of the opportunities that the future will offer.



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