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The fight back against bad chatbots!

How do you move from chatbots to ”Conversational AI”?

How do you move from chatbots to ”Conversational AI”?

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Chatbots currently have a bad reputation, something we don’t think they deserve. We recognise that there is great potential in the automation of customer dialogue in order to build towards achieving better and more effective customer service that can keep up with demand - no matter how many customers and enquiries you have. The challenge is that the majority of companies are not thinking strategically - using chatbots as a quick fix solution that sits in the bottom right hand corner of their website.

Automated dialogue and the ability to understand and interpret everyday language will be the crucial elements to get right. Following on from text chat will be talk based bots – the fastest growing channel among the younger target segment.

Conversational AI is also a source of essential knowledge and information about customers and the interactions we have with them across all channels and platforms. How do you generate data and make sense of it?

We are pleased to invite you to our seminar, where we will discuss these interesting topics. 

Chatbots currently have a bad reputation, something we don’t think they deserve.

Practical information

Date and time: Wednesday, 22nd of September 14.00 – 16.00

Location: KPMG Front, Dampfærgevej 28, Copenhagen Ø

Registration: Please register for the event  via this link by Friday, 17 September 2021

Main topics to be discussed:

How do you avoid creating a bad chatbot? We will touch on key issues such as:

  • The importance of analysing customer requirements
  • Creating the right tone of voice and persona for your chatbot
  • Continuously monitoring and improving

We will also take a look into the future and the new exciting possibilities within Conversational AI:

  • The voice as an interface – Voicebots
  • Autogenerated text – when AI is capable of writing an answer to your chatbot
  • Avatars – artificial, animated bots that can read and express emotions

Hear about thought provoking client cases where Conversational AI has been used internally to create value.

  • Data basis for chatbot solutions – do you know what you are talking about with your customers?
  • Knowledge sharing, onboarding and quality – meet your new Chatbot colleague
  • Establishing strong professional teams in Conversational AI – how do you combine communication and artificial intelligence?

The final agenda and speakers will be announced closer to the date. 

Please note that we are still following strict COVID-19 restrictions. If there are any changes to the current rules, the event will be conducted online.

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