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Let’s talk Responsible AI with Professor Virginia Dignum

There is no doubt the future is AI-driven.

There is no doubt the future is AI-driven.

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We are continuously seeing an increased demand among our clients to streamline internal as well as external operations. The change in business climate is driving a need for new business models and enhanced efficiency internally, something that is increasingly evident within several large transformation projects.

The common denominator when building future-ready businesses is data: How one goes about gathering insights and boosting efficiency. Here, AI plays a central role and creates great opportunities. There is no doubt the future is AI-driven. However, as with all great opportunities it is important to understand where the pitfalls lie. Legislative bodies are already looking at launching rules and regulations relating to AI & Ethics, and hence it is of huge importance for businesses to start deep-diving into what this means for their organisation and AI. To mitigate the risk of falling behind and ultimately becoming irrelevant in the market, businesses need to begin preparing today in order to avoid missing out on future development opportunities.

For many businesses AI has become an integral part of their business practice and they are already working on ensuring their AI is ethically sound. Unethical use of AI entails a serious risk to business success, especially considering that legislative bodies such as the EU are already setting rules for the game. The purpose of this webinar is to offer you the opportunity to understand more about AI & Ethics.

Today, we have the pleasure to present Virginia Dignum, Professor at Umeå University, Wallenberg chair on Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Director of WASP-HS (Humanities and Society), who will offer her expertise on this highly debated topic.

Practical information

Date and time: Tuesday, 14 September 2021  at 11.30 - 12.15

Registration: If you wish to attend this webinar, please us sign up via this link. After the registration you will receive confirmation by email, including the link to join the session. We are using GoToWebinar tool for this webinar.

Speaker: Virginia Dignum, Professor at Department of Computing Science, Umeå universitet

Moderator: Ulf Borgcrantz, KPMG Sweden Chief Digital Officer

The event is free of charge.

About the speaker

Virginia's research focuses on the complex interconnections and interdependencies between people, organisations and technology. Her work ranges from the engineering of practical applications and simulations to the development of formal theories that integrate agency and organisation and includes a strong methodological design component. Given the increasing importance of understanding the impact of AI at societal, ethical and legal level, Virginia is actively involved in several international initiatives on policy and strategy guidelines for AI research and applications.

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