Latest & Greatest webinar: Future Agritech

KPMG NewTech quarterly event with focus on cutting-edge technologies and the latest tech developments.

KPMG NewTech quarterly event focusing on the latest tech developments.

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At KPMG, we are passionate about technology, especially when new cutting-edge technology completely changes our perspective on an industry or market – and we want to share our passion with you! Join us in the Latest & Greatest webinar as we explore the future agritech in the world and in the Nordics.  

In this webinar session, our NewTech partner Michael Birkebæk will give you a peek into the technology that has enabled agriculture to be much more sustainable, reliable and pesticide-free. Also joining is Anders Riemann, the founder of Nordic Harvest, one of the biggest vertical farms in the world, to showcase the real-life application of these technologies. 

Date and time

Thursday, 10 June at 13.00 to 13:45


Registration is closed. 

Click here to download the presentation material. 

Preliminary agenda

13.00 – 13.10 Michael Birkebæk Jensen, Partner at KPMG

13.10 – 13.35 Anders Riemann, the founder of Nordic Harvest

13.35 – 13.45 Q&A


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