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Working from Anywhere: designing a framework for your organisation

Join our webinar on the concept of working from anywhere and the complex HR and tax related issues relating to it.

Join our webinar on the concept of working from anywhere and the complex HR and tax relate

Date: 13 October 2020

Time: 13.00-14.00pm

Participation: Free of charge

Registration: Sign up for the webinar here.

According to KPMG's special "Covid-19 CEO 2020 Outlook" edition, talent risk has now risen to be the number one threat to long-term growth for businesses. However, the ability to work remotely brings opportunities to widen the potential talent pool. HR and Global Mobility functions are required to rethink how to manage a virtual and remote workforce, and this has resulted in many companies announcing unlimited abilities to "work from anywhere". While the ability to work across borders serves a talent attraction and retention purpose, it can pose many well-documented employment and corporate risks as well as wider employment law considerations. 

KPMG Acor Tax is therefore pleased to hold an exclusive webinar Working from Anywhere: designing a framework for your organisation, where we will take a look at a company that has recently designed and implemented a distributed workforce framework. 

During the webinar, we will share our insights and advice on strategic actions HR and global mobility leaders can take to address talent attraction and retention, while balancing employment tax and wider corporate tax risks. 

The webinar will be facilitated by KPMG Acor Tax, and Helen Odell, Global Head of Mobility at Novartis, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, will bring an international angle on complex HR and tax related issues based on first-hand experience. 


The agenda

At the webinar you will get an overview of the key considerations and challenges we recommend your organisation should address and prepare for:

— Who are my key stakeholders, and how do I manage their needs and objectives? 

— Which regulatory risks do I need to consider, and how do I navigate and evaluate these? How do I manage HR needs with tax risks? 

— How do I deal with pre-framework requests and exceptions, and how do I manage expectations at C-suite level regarding the new framework?

— How do I design and implement a framework that is untested and new in the market?

— What are the key lessons learned from implementing a "Working from Anywhere" framework?



Lennaert Galesloot - Partner, KPMG Acor Tax 

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