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Linea Svendsen

Linea Svendsen


KPMG in Denmark

With a background in communication and history, Linea started her career as a Social Media Manager.

In 2016, Linea built Denmark's first chatbot on Facebook Messenger for Topdanmark - and has been hooked since then. Today, she advises and teaches in how to build chatbots and voicebots, while building bots in some of Denmark's largest companies.

Linea's background in social media has given her a unique approach to users and how to communicate well with them. She has acquired special insight into customer experiences by continuously building and improving conversations, functions and flows. As a result, she is able to build bots that differ from the many less helpful bots we all have meet at some point. The voicebots and chatbots that Linea builds make a real difference for users and businesses.

She regularly gives presentations and teaches in topics such as Conversational AI and chatbots and voicebots. Most recently, she has taught at CBS Bestyrelsesuddannelse, Digitalt med fremtiden, and given presentations at ComputerWorld's conference. She has previously lectured at, among others, Museums and The Web (MuseWeb) in Hong Kong and MuseumNext in Amsterdam.