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Audit Trainees

Audit Trainees

At KPMG, we look ahead and focus on possibilities – for KPMG, for our clients and for the individual. Do you want to contribute?

At KPMG, we look ahead and focus on possibilities.

The Audit Trainee Programme

The KPMG Audit Trainee programme is a 2-year varied training programme aimed at developing your technical skills. The goal is to help you become an extraordinary auditor of the future.

This programme has been designed to give you a thorough education in the fundamentals of what it takes to be successful in our business.

We want to whet your appetite to learn more, push your boundaries, and increase your desire to continue on your journey of discovery and development.

KPMG Audit Trainee programme overview

On-boarding programme

As a trainee, you will start your KPMG career with a one-week trip abroad together with the other trainees and KPMG graduates, where you will get to know each other and begin learning new skills. There will be a number of social events so you can start building your network and have fun at the same time. The goal of the on-boarding programme is to make sure that you are fully prepared for additional training back in the office, whether in a lecture environment or on the job. We will make sure that you are ready to take on "real work" as you start your career as an auditor.

What to expect from the on-boarding programme:

• Client case challenge
• Excel training
• Bookkeeping training
• Being part of a high-performing team
• Personal development workshop
• The Danish Financial Statements Act and Annual Report training
• CaseWare training

Year 1

The on-boarding programme is just the start of your training. Back in Denmark, you will learn all you need to know for your first year by taking Audit Foundations 1A, a one-week course. In addition, your colleagues will guide you on the job and be there when you need help. Each year, we kick off audit season with two courses aimed at getting you up to speed on new audit legislation and preparing for our busy season in January.

What to expect from the first year of the Audit Trainee Programme:

• Audit Foundations 1A
• Getting ready for busy season
• Digital tax reporting

Year 2

During your first year, you will have learned all the basics of auditing. Your second year will be focused on more specified training. For example, you will learn how to make samples and receive tax training. You will have more responsibility on clients and share your knowledge with the new first-year trainees.

What to expect from the second year of the Audit Trainee Programme:

• Audit Foundations 1B
• Sampling basics
• Tax training – how to calculate taxable income
• Kick-off audit season
• Getting ready for busy season
• Annual Audit update

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