How do we keep the wheels turning when we are all working from home?

The big challenge for all businesses at the moment is to keep the business going without losing productivity. Many are used to working digitally to some extent, but only a few have the capabilities and experience to work in a 100% virtual environment.

Here are some examples of challenges that many businesses are confronted with right now:

- We need to have meetings with customers, but it is difficult on the phone.

- I just quickly need to ask my colleague something.

- We need to brainstorm, but we are not allowed to sit together.

- No one knows who has the latest version of the document.

- We need to work in the same document at the same time.


The solution: Efficient virtual collaboration

At the moment, Microsoft offers a free download of Teams subject to their current terms. Download Microsoft Teams from here

Microsoft Teams can support your organisation in maintaining an efficient and dynamic working environment. Microsoft Teams ensures: 

Structure in an unfamiliar working day
Teams creates structure in a virtual working day that is unfamiliar and uncertain for many of us. With Teams it is easy to plan, delegate and follow up on both your own and your team's tasks. With functions such as desktop sharing and remote desktop control, Teams makes it possible for employees to help each from a distance and solve problems easily and efficiently.

Efficient communication
Teams is a virtual room where everyone can see each other when you are exchanging ideas, making minor and major decisions or just having a coffee break. By easily changing from chat to conversation, desktop sharing and video conferences, the employees can maintain an efficient daily communication.

Dynamic collaboration
Employees across the organisation can easily and quickly store files, work in the same documents, keep each other informed, ask for input and collaborate on completing tasks.

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