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Built for people

HuRa provides answers in an easily understandable language. Employees can chat with HuRa anonymously 24/7. 

Affordable pricing

With an affordable pricing model, HuRa is a great first step for your organisation to try out a new digital colleague.

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Let HuRa handle questions about the Danish Holiday Act

Let HuRa answer questions from your employees so the HR department can focus on other exciting tasks.
  • HuRa is available in English and Danish
  • Anonymous service 24/7 
  • 600 answers and still counting
Hura HR

Affordable prices


The annual price for a HuRa licence depends on the number of employees in your Danish organisation.



We have lots of experience building chatbots

We built and implemented multiple chatbots and instances of HuRa



We will be able to customise HuRa for you

We have built HuRa to ensure that the colour scheme and answers can be tailored to your organisation. If you have another policy on vacation – no problem, HuRa can learn. 

Integration with your HR and finance systems

By integrating HuRa with your HR and finance systems, we will be able to collect vacation details and payslips to ensure that even advanced queries can be handled by HuRa. 

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