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Daida Hadzic

Tax Director


Daida Hadzic is a Director in Mobility and People Services and is experienced in providing international social security services to businesses with cross-border activities. Daida focuses on providing businesses with user friendly solutions that ensure correct social security coverage for businesses and their employees by using technology and data analysis. This approach is well connected with general tax compliance and it provides businesses and their employees with security in terms of payment of social security contributions in the right country and it diminishes the risk of fines for non-compliance that businesses, their international partners and employees are subjected to across Europe. Daida is a member of a global KPMG Brexit team and she is a part of the leadership group for global KPMG network on social security that supports KPMG in providing mobility services of highest quality on a global scale.

Before Daida joined KPMG Acor Tax she was one of Denmark’s lead experts in the EU Administrative Commission for employment and social affairs. In the Commission, Daida worked with interpretation and implementation of EC Regulations, decisions, recommendations and guidelines on social security. During the Danish Presidency of the EU in 2012, Daida was head of the Danish delegation for employment and social affairs. Furthermore, Daida has worked with negotiations for agreements on social security between Denmark and countries outside the EU, such as USA, China, India, Korea, Philippines, etc.

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