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The digital transformation of the public sector requires continuous and sustainable adaptation and the fundamental rethinking of existing processes and organisational structures in order to be able to react faster, more flexibly and more efficiently to current challenges.

After a thorough analysis and documentation of the administrative processes, it becomes clear which processes can be simplified and made more efficient and less complex. The aim is to reduce costs and processing times, avoid duplication of work, develop suitable IT solutions with the greatest possible consistency (avoidance of media interruptions) and improve process quality overall. In this way, citizens and business entities can continue to be provided with the best possible service in the future.

We support you with effective project management - from the holistic conception of new process landscapes to go-live - as well as with the optimisation of existing process chains. We provide support throughout the entire process and weigh and consider the interests of the different stakeholders.

The focal points of our process and implementation consulting are:

  • Business process survey, modelling, analysis and optimisation
  • Strategic and operational process management
  • Benchmarking of processes
  • Selection, adaptation and introduction of process frameworks as well as sample and standard processes
  • Process maturity level analyses
  • Elicitation and representation of workflows within the framework of process automation
  • Active support with change management.

With extensive change management expertise, our experts are at your side to work with you to identify potential for process optimisation and to develop customised solutions for you.