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The digitalisation of the state and administration has received an enormous boost from the coronavirus pandemic. The use of digital applications has increased significantly: End-to-end IT-based administrative processes, the increased use of cloud services and networked, mobile work from changing locations - even from home - have become the norm.

At the same time, the threat of cyberattacks has intensified considerably. The attacks are increasingly affecting business environments and can cause serious IT failures in public administration and critical infrastructures (CRITIS).

This trend requires comprehensive technical and organisational solutions that provide optimal protection against cyber risks in a cost-effective manner.

KPMG develops custom-fit security models for the entire IT life cycle, including analysis, planning, design, implementation and monitoring:

  • Safeguarding of critical infrastructure in accordance with the Act on the Federal Office for Information Security (BIS Act)
  • Statistically robust modelling of risk scenarios
  • Planning, setup and application of cloud security concepts

Within the framework of penetration testing, we analyse your systems and applications for vulnerabilities and security gaps. From vulnerability scans to highly specialised manual penetration tests, whether black, grey or white box, and from in-house programming to standard software, our specialists will work with your IT experts to find the appropriate testing approach for the authority in question.

We also partner with you to minimise risks with major future technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which also open up new opportunities for the public sector and the energy industry in particular - but also for potential attackers.

KPMG’s cyber experts understand both the operational and IT domains, which often have competing requirements.

Get in touch. Our experts will work with you to develop the right strategy to best equip you against cyberattacks.