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The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating digital transformation in many areas. What was long seen as a vision for the future has quickly turned out to be an everyday necessity. At the same time, however, it became clear that there is a need to catch up in the digitalisation of public administration.

These experiences from the pandemic and the opportunities that the resulting pressure for change brings with it must be used to quickly exploit the great potentials of digitalisation for more efficient administrative action. The aim is to provide citizens and business entities with user-friendly digital services that are free of barriers and media interruption. Only then can Germany as a business location remain internationally competitive and be more resilient in future crisis situations.

In addition to improved service for citizens and business entities, bureaucratic costs will be reduced and considerable time and costs saved. However, in order to fully utilise the possibilities of a modern digital administration, the necessary processes must be rethought across the boundaries of individual authorities and legal entities. Digitalisation is thus becoming the motor for further reforms of structures and processes.

The implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) is just one example of this holistic approach in administration. With consistent implementation, including mandatory digitalisation in the back office, what constitutes a modern digitalised administration can be achieved: the avoidance of internal media interruptions with consistent electronic external communication with the authority.

We’ll help you manage the future with our expertise and broad project experience. This starts with creating project management that focuses on the complexity of the requirements and the networking of all stakeholders.

Key building blocks are:

  • Service consolidation to increase synergy potential
  • Cost degression through scaling of tasks in cloud architectures
  • Acceptance management - providing support with the changes is a key to success!
  • Strategic programme planning to control dependencies
  • Review of the existing IT structure and identification of optimisation and consolidation potentials
  • Strategic IT and transformation process planning to holistically optimise the overall architecture of the organisation.

Contact us – we’ll be happy to support you. So that the administration remains a strong partner in the network of Germany as a business location and Germany continues to be a strong competitor globally.