The big issues in the financial sector are not leaving the savings bank sector unscathed: The ongoing low-interest phase, increased, more complex regulatory requirements, changes in consumer behaviour and, last but not least, the new mobile sales channels. These are all key challenges for the Savings Banks Finance Group, which will be exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic decisions, efficiency and transparency are necessary to create the right balance between risk, yield, cost and sustainability. KPMG has been supporting savings banks and Landesbausparkassen, as well as their associations and affiliated companies, for many years with solutions that are usually standardised and tried and tested – or developed and implemented on a case-by-case basis, tailor-made for your institution.

Last year alone, KPMG provided services for more than 60 savings banks and service providers of the Savings Banks Finance Group.

We will be happy to support you with tried and tested solutions specific to savings banks:

Get in touch! We would be pleased to present our solutions developed for the Savings Banks Finance Group. Our advisors have a broad conceptual understanding of overall banking contexts and details. We can help you meet the challenges of a highly competitive market.

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