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The requirements for the process and control landscape for you as a financial service provider are subject to constant change- essentially due to changing framework conditions prompted by regulatory reform.

This is accompanied by an increased need for assurance on the part of the management and supervisory bodies, which is reflected not only in the design of the individual controls, but to a greater degree in the monitoring of their adequacy and effectiveness on the second and third lines of defence - combined with the corresponding reporting to the executive board of management and supervisory board.

In addition, the design of the process and control landscape should, as far as possible, increase profitability and efficiency in processes, create synergies and avoid redundancies - equally for the business processes in the market as well as for the processes of the internal audit.

In this context, it is essential for you to keep a clear view and make the right decision for the future of your company by being able to identify, control and monitor the relevant risks.

KPMG offers you company-specific advice on these process- and control-related topics at all stages – during the analysis of the current situation, the development of objectives, the design stage, the audit and certification of selected issues, as well as the optimisation, realisation and implementation stages.

Our solution portfolio includes

Process modelling

Support in the implementation and use of BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Modelling Notation) and DMN (Decision Modelling Notation) to map processes and optimise written rules

Process optimisation

End-to-end optimisation of core bank processes with the help of automation/digitisation of processes

Internal control system

Support in the implementation and further development of the bank-wide internal control system (ICS), if necessary with the implementation of a corresponding IT solution. In addition, systematic further development of cooperation within and between the 3 lines of defence (3LOD) with regard to the reduction of non-financial risks

Internal audit

Further development of the audit function to increase audit quality and assurance as well as to create a balance between quality and efficiency; performance of quality assessments to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the audit function according to DIIR No. 3 or IDW PS 983; support in the performance of audits (full sourcing/co-sourcing)

Assurance services

Audit and certification of select matters that are typically not part of the annual audit, in order to provide assurance to the client, particularly of the service-related internal control system according to ISAE 3402 or IDW PS 951, as amended.

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