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In an ever more complex banking and insurance environment, making transaction decisions requires more and better information than ever before. Business and project leadership faces the challenge of not losing sight of the fundamental idea of maximising value for the different stakeholders both inside and outside the company, while also positioning themselves efficiently and in the best possible light when dealing with investors or sellers.

Realising potential value

We, the experts on the Financial Services Deal Advisory team, are here to help you with the multi-faceted aspects of a transaction or restructuring – from strategy development to successful execution. Our team comprises banking and insurance specialists for M&A, valuation, financial analysis and due diligence, together with data room and transaction management, as well as integration, restructuring and demerger issues. In all this, we focus on practical measures and measurable success – both short-term and long-term. We help you make the right decision every time to achieve your goals and maximise your value.

Benefit from our industry and transactional experience

An in-depth understanding of banking and insurance business models, as well as of the market and competitive environments, is just as much our home territory as is the input from our global project experience and our Financial Services network. The start and end point of our advice is you, your company and the various stakeholders. We align our consulting approach to your transaction situation and bundle holistic solutions for your buying, selling, capital improvement or restructuring decisions. We are the adviser who can assist and stand by you in any situation with expertise, solutions and a high degree of flexibility – not just for the next transaction, but for long-term success.

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