Process Mining in the Energy Industry

Process Mining in the Energy Industry

We advise you on your process mining initiatives with innovative solutions, technology and industry expertise

We advise you on your process mining initiatives with innovative solutions, technology

IT-supported business processes are standard in today's digital business entities. This also applies to the energy industry. However, digital process handling does not immediately mean that the maximum process quality is achieved. Digital processing methods can also create complex process flows. Process deviations lead to extensive problems, which are usually accompanied by inefficiencies.

Process mining is an innovative method that brings transparency to a wide range of processes (e.g. meter-to-cash) and reveals actual processes through the visualisation of digital footprints. The knowledge gained about this actual state makes it possible to derive targeted measures. In this way, target process deviations can be reduced, throughput times optimised and compliance violations minimised.

Our Services:

KPMG supports you as an integrated partner for the strategic, professional, technical and organisational implementation of digitalisation topics, such as process mining. Our goal is to thoroughly reconstruct your IT-supported activities and to walk the path to process excellence with you.

With our specialised, process-related, regulatory and technical expertise, we examine your systems with regard to effective information extraction and advise on the implementation and application of process mining tools. We would be happy to discuss measures with you afterwards to make work processes more efficient in the future.

Our Process Mining Services:

  • Continuous monitoring of process & defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Process compliance
  • Conformity analyses (target-actual comparison)
  • Efficiency optimisation (capacity constraints)
  • Potential analysis
  • Lead-time optimisation
  • Optimisation of process efficiency
  • Strategic consulting
  • Organisational advice
  • Technological advice incl. sizing
  • Technical implementations
  • Technical implementations
  • Process mining on-premises und as a service
  • Process Mining Model Design and Implementation

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