Optimising energy bills

Optimising energy bills

How to optimise energy bills and energy consumption: Big Data offers improvement potential for the energy sector

Fewer errors in energy bills: Data analytics help the energy industry

Energy bills are complex, time-consuming and error-prone. Still. It doesn’t have to stay that way. With a range of digitalisation and Big Data services specially tailored to the requirements of the energy industry, we help you to exploit your potential for improvement in the context of billing. With efficient data analyses, our experts support energy companies in optimising their costs and revenues and, if necessary, recovering money from customers, market partners and concession providers.

Experience shows: Almost every tenth energy bill is wrong - from incorrect consumption quantities to outdated prices to incomplete master data. If the calculation bases do not match, the result is, for example, too high or too low claims on the end customers in relation to the charges to the network operators. In addition, the energy supplier's grid usage billing may result in liabilities to third-party grid operators that are too high or too low. This shall also apply with regard to claims of the grid operator against third-party suppliers.

The result: Too much effort for processing – and a worsening reputation with the customer. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

Overview of our range of services

  • Analysis of the potential: Point-of-sale analysis of various billing components beyond energy consumption (e.g. apportionments, levies, subsidies, taxes or price components)
  • Decision template: Presentation of the potential and the risks as well as the development of implementation proposals
  • Conception: Holding of workshops and performance of in-depth detailed analyses (rough concept and fine concept)
  • Realization: Support with implementation and, if necessary, creation of guidelines
  • -Monitoring: Performance of recurring analyses or implementation of the technical solution in any platform (cloud)

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