Capacity reorganisation

Capacity-oriented reorganisation

We will support you with questions regarding capacity-oriented reorganisation.

We will support you with questions regarding capacity-oriented reorganisation.

Active management of both liquidity and working capital positions can help to generate decisive potential from a reduction in capital commitment.

Cash Management

Together with you, our specialists identify the business areas, processes and specific cash flows with the greatest potential for improving cash generation and retention. They take into account both short- and long-term effects.

  1. Our practical approach to establishing a working capital culture is based on three pillars:
  2. Creating a reliable programme of operational and financial measures to sustainably improve working capital
  3. Establishing and refining ongoing liquidity planning

Monitoring account balances, payment flows and variances to identify areas for improvement.

Measure controlling/tracking of programmes

Professional controlling of measures makes complex programmes for improving results or making reorganisation manageable. KPMG supports you with goal-oriented and efficient management of programmes - with a clear focus on sustainable project success. The basis is a systematic, IT-supported approach with a focus on consistent implementation. In addition to the methodology, we provide you with a web-based tool configured specifically for your needs, which makes even complex processes manageable.

Rapid Cost Reduction Programme / Operational Excellence

KPMG supports you in identifying suitable measures for rapid cost reduction and in implementing them consistently. Our proven methodology focuses on two approaches:

  • Measures to improve the result (such as reduction of material and personnel expenses as well as other operating expenses; increase in sales)
  • Measures to improve net cash flow (for example, improvement of working capital, disinvestment of non-operating assets, review of planned investments).

Acquisition of interim activities

In crisis situations, it often makes sense to support the existing management with external turnaround specialists or turnaround programmes. Our experience has shown that this approach is particularly efficient and leads more quickly to consistent implementation.

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