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The global automotive market has been changing for years. The main purchasing criteria today are: low maintenance, alternative drive trains and new technologies.

Dealers are increasingly investing in vehicle presentation, necessary training and new workshop equipment.

These trends open up the opportunity to stand out and distinguish themselves even further from other brands in the future.

KPMG helps retailers across Europe successfully capitalise on industry trends - from individual contractors to multinational networks.

Through our automotive sector team, we can call upon more than 4,000 sector experts globally, including 800 in Germany alone, to deliver solutions for all the links in the value creation chain.

Our services for dealers

We offer support and advice on:

  • VAT optimisation
  • Reorganisation and cash flow optimisation
  • Benchmarking, supply chain and business optimisation programmes
  • Economic and financial risk assessment
  • Personnel issues such as the optimal structuring of employee compensation with regard to retirement pensions, social security and taxes
  • Investigations of white-collar crime and fraud
  • Corporate finances, cost reduction, increase in cash flow
  • Increasing profitability at authorised dealers