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Real Estate Digital Solutions

Real Estate Digital Solutions

Generate values from real estate data

Generate values from real estate data

Real estate products generate a wide range of property-specific data. In current practice systematically recording and assessing this data is only possible with a huge investment of time. The result: A lack of underlying data and transparency to make strategic decisions at the portfolio and asset level, to manage performance and to have a clear view of the risks.

Drawing on our cross-functional specialist team, we advise our customers on how to profitably deploy real estate-, performance- and market-related internal and external data. For this we rely on advance business intelligence solutions to visualize, analyse and manage data and key performance indicators. Our experts can provide you with integrated support – from the selection of a software solution and suitable performance indicators through data links to dynamic analysis and reports. 

Use existing potential to raise the return on your real estate portfolios using revision-proof data. We can help you:

• to develop specific performance indicators and analysis methodologies along your business processes

• to optimize and link internal and external sources to static and dynamic data

• to handle heterogeneous, structured and unstructured data

• to program software-independent dashboard solutions to visualize analysis and performance indicators

• to perform portfolio analyses on the basis of individually defined selection criteria. In this way measures can be derived for operational and strategic performance-focused portfolio and risk management, and

• automated reporting can be prepared without manual processing or post-processing.

Your benefits:

• Greater transparency over the latest property and portfolio data

• Operational and strategic decisions can be more easily made on the basis of revision-proof data and performance indicators and risks can be more easily identified

• More efficient use of existing human resources

• High level of data quality without manual post-processing or complex processing and validation of input data

• Standardized availability and self-service data for reporting and analyses

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