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Do you know how your processes really work? Are you sure?

The challenge of dynamic and complex processes in companies

With increasing digitalisation, the number of IT-supported process flows and IT transactions in companies is also rising. This leads to high complexity, multi-layeredness and decreasing transparency in business processes. Due to the rapid changes, the lived processes in the company often no longer match the originally intended processes. The introduction of new systems, staff turnover or other organisational changes can also lead to discrepancies between the former specifications and the actual state. Classical process analyses based on interviews and random samples reach their limits in this situation.

Keeping an overview and controlling process performance with process mining

Process mining is hypothesis-free data-based process analysis and visualisation of ERP transaction data. This allows us to show actual process flows at any level of detail and to assess process conformity and efficiency. Other starting points for process optimisation are the analysis of process performance indicators and their benchmarking.

Our analyses show time and again: only a small proportion of transactions actually follow the specified process flow. Statistically speaking, the "happy path", i.e. the efficient passage of a transaction along the originally designed process chain, is the exception, not the rule! We are convinced that you can only control process performance if you really know and understand your processes.

Our KPMG consulting services

To increase transparency and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes, KPMG offers you customised service packages - from a quick check to process-specific detailed analyses to comprehensive multi-system analyses.

Benefit from our comprehensive industry-specific process know-how with over 125 years of auditing and consulting experience, and an optimal professional and technical team composition.