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Our audit teams have clear structures. We use the full strength of our expertise and our network.

An audit is demanding. It requires a team that is equal to the structure and complexity of the client and is familiar with all issues: accounting issues, of course. But also with IT, tax, treasury, risk & compliance, sustainability and the development of your markets. 

Lead Partner

The lead partner is the central contact person for the management and the supervisory body. He or she coordinates the entire audit and, as the responsible auditor, makes the decisions quickly and conclusively. In the case of a consolidated financial statement audit, the lead partner has international rights of access within our KPMG network. This includes, for example, the right to make final decisions on accounting issues and the selection of the partners and managers involved in the audit.

Core team

The core team is the main contact for the client on site. The core team is highly qualified and led by auditors with many years of professional experience. It is customised in size and composition according to the client's requirements. For the large international group as well as for small companies, capital market-oriented or family-run, with the corresponding expertise in the relevant sector.


Specialists are called in as required to deal with special audit-related issues, such as complex tax issues, litigation, financial instruments, pension plans, forensic issues or aspects of company valuation.

A functioning IT landscape is essential for accounting. Our experts analyse the structure of the IT environment and help to minimise audit-relevant risks.

Department of Professional Practice

In addition, we bundle highly complex audit and accounting knowledge in our Department of Professional Practice. In cooperation with the core team, accounting and auditing issues are resolved in a timely and quality-assured manner.

Focus teams

Focus teams specialise in auditing key, definable areas of the company - for example, sales, purchasing or human resources. Through the use of focus teams, we are able to obtain real benchmark know-how in the most important operational processes and pass it on to our clients anonymously. Our data analysis experts are also attached to the focus teams.

Shared Delivery Centre

To increase the efficiency of the audit, we have located classic audit processes in a Shared Delivery Centre in Leipzig and Essen. Here, specially trained employees perform routine auditing activities, among other things, in a highly standardised, centralised and continuously quality-assured manner.

KPMG network

No matter how your company continues to internationalise, a national member firm in the global KPMG network is always close by and can support you with audit services. We are active in 146 countries and territories. In Germany alone, we are always close to you at 26 locations with around 12,500 employees - worldwide there are even around 227,000 employees. The colleagues worldwide are managed by the core team; this ensures a uniform professional quality - in compliance with all regulatory requirements at home and abroad.