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With our communication concept, we always have the key issues in view. 

Our client is kept fully informed at all stages of the audit. Because at KPMG, transparency and maximum knowledge gain are paramount. Current status reports, audit results and recommendations for action are presented and explained in regular, personal exchanges.

A range of modern tools provide the core team and the client with full transparency on the status and results of the audit - worldwide.

Audit Insights

Our tried and tested reporting in the form of Audit Insights gives our clients a compact overview at any time. Reporting that goes far beyond the legal requirements.

Audit Insights means: We involve our clients in the audit right from the start and discuss the findings obtained in a timely manner. This transparency gives our clients an additional insight into the company from our point of view. And this is not only related to the economic situation of the company, but also to business risks, effects of transactions, possible weaknesses in the control system or current trends in accounting.

KPMG Clara Client Collaboration

KPMG Clara Client Collaboration is our joint communication platform with the client. With modern technology and an appealing layout, it facilitates exchange within the team and with the client, for example information on the status of the audit, the provision or joint editing of documents, references to current and important news, the management of appointments, tasks and contacts and much more. 


With eGroup, the audit progress of all group companies can be synchronised in real time and we provide the client with an overview of the status of the audit at any time. From monitoring timely reporting to our issue dashboard, which sorts and summarises key issues at the touch of a button.

KPMG Clara PBC Portal

The KPMG Clara PBC Portal enables an effective and efficient exchange of required audit documents. This ensures the systematic and structured provision of audit documents by the client and their timely review by the audit team.

Continuous exchange of views on current topics

Our support concept includes a professional exchange with the client. Whether it is a question of developments in national and international accounting, corporate governance, supervisory law, tax legislation or business products and strategies - we discuss current topics with our clients at an early stage. In addition, our clients receive information on current developments in capital market and supervisory law as well as company and stock corporation law, IFRS, commercial law and tax law through various KPMG media and specialist events.