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We are constantly developing our audit. An audit model that not only complies with all professional and auditing standards, but also stands for certainty in uncertain times. Through more standardisation, centralisation and automation for classical audit activities, we have more time for the really important issues of our clients. 

Our audit is based on knowledge of our clients' organisation, processes and business model. We use this in our planning to make the audit as effective and efficient as possible. Every company is individual - just like our audit.

Core components of our audit

At the beginning, we use our industry knowledge, data analyses and benchmarks to develop an audit strategy based on the client's individual business and corporate risks. From this, audit focal points and an audit plan are determined and agreed with the client.

Even before the end of the client's business year, we assess the systems and processes of the internal control system. This enables us to identify risks earlier and to carry out audit procedures efficiently.

Based on this, we carry out individual case reviews and analytical audit procedures. In doing so, we focus on individual matters and on the amounts and disclosures shown in the financial statements, taking into account the exercise of accounting options and discretionary powers.

We discuss our audit findings with the client on an ongoing basis during the audit. After an overall assessment of all audit findings, we issue our opinion. We inform the client's management and supervisory body of our audit findings. Where we identify opportunities for improvement, we make valuable suggestions and practical proposals.

We document our audit results efficiently and completely electronically in our audit and documentation tool KPMG Clara workflow, which is gradually replacing our previous tool eAudIT and will be used for all audit mandates from 2022. With KPMG Clara workflow, we are moving with the times, because we are using a modern tool that enables audit planning and execution on the basis of highly developed data analyses. In addition, by using these solutions worldwide, we ensure consistent audit quality around the globe.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics is an integral part of our audit and an important success factor for increasing the quality and efficiency of an audit. In all phases of the audit - from risk assessment to reporting. Through the targeted scaled analysis of the entire accounting material with our analysis tool for mass data analysis KPMG Clara Analytics, we identify anomalies and risks at an early stage and provide well-founded benchmarks and recommendations for effective and efficient processes.

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